110mm NRV Installation Guide

A step-by-step guide to installing your push-fit 110mm Non Return Valve.

Your 110mm Pushfit NRV is designed to to fitted into your 110mm underground waste pipe feed, into any inlet feeds into your property. 

These are identified upon inspection by safely lifting the manhole chamber & inspecting water-flow direction. Any water which flows from an inlet, requires an NRV. Where the water flows to, does not need an NRV as this would stop water-flow.

Step 1: Locate the manhole chamber(s) & lift lid out of position. Take care lifting, you may need 2 or more people depending on size & weight.

Step 2: Double check the direction of water flow. This can be done by flushing the toilet. 

You may have one ore more inlets of ingress here, requiring more than one NRV.

Your NRV must not be fitted to outlets (where water flows to) in the chamber, which would cause a blockage.

Step 3: Wearing appropriate PPE, clean the incoming pipes of debris, using a necessary wipe (dispose after).

Step 4: Place your NRV into the inlet mouth.

You must make sure the valve is positioned correctly in the pipe, with the flap position downwards and the hinge pivot point horizontal.

The locking clip must be positioned downward during normal free flow use.

For maintenance of the area, your NRV can be locked closed. To do this, lift the catch on the front of the NRV flap into the locked position, which ensures the side catches have gripped the pins on the valve body & the flap sits between the locking bumps on the flap face. 

Do not over force upwards as this may cause damage to the unit.

We advise using appropriate PPE, & cleaning your NRV quarterly & after every flood event. This can help stop debris build-up stop the NRV closing.