Anti Flood Airbrick Cover Guide

A step-by-step guide to installing & deploying your M3 Floodtec Anti-Flood Airbrick Cover.

Some important pre-installation information:

The airbrick cover is typically used when the existing airbrick cannot be removed for some reason - typically listed buildings. If your airbrick can be removed, we strongly advise installing the M3 Anti-Flood Airbrick instead.

The Airbrick cover can be installed against any existing masonry, brick, plastic, or metal air grillage, as long as the opening is no greater than 280mm x 140mm. The pointing around the airbrick must be in good condition & not damaged, as well as being flush (not uneven). If this is this case, & the property status allows, you may need to repoint around the airbrick first & leave to cure. The airbrick itself must be clean and free from loose material and obstructions as should the surrounding wall face.

A minimum 20mm is required all the way around the airbrick as this provides the area around which the cover will seal.

Step 1: Locate the airbrick position & consult above pre-installation info.

Check your equipment pack for the following:

  • 1 x Airbrick cover plate
  • 2 x  Plastic handle thumb screws
  • 2 x Rubber Washers
  • 2 x Nutcert wall anchors
  • 1 x 10mm Masonry drill
  • 1 x Drill hole Template
  • Fitting Instructions
  • Maintenance Instructions

Step 2: Position your drill template to the wall so that it is roughly central to the airbrick, such that the 2 holes are evenly spaced from the centre of the airbrick on the horizontal axis, making sure that the alignment of the holes are level across the airbrick. 

Step 3: Fix your template to the wall with tape.

Step 4: Mark the position of the holes on the brick face. 

Remove the template.

Step 5: Using the drill bit provided, along with your drill, drill your 2 holes 45mm deep.

Clean out the dust & loose debris (hoover or blower).

Step 6: Insert your Nutserts into your 2 holes. Use a light hammer to tap the nutserts in until they are flush with the face of the brickwork.

Step 7: You can now fit the cover. Inserting the thumb screws through the rubber washers provided. Then, continue the screws through the holes in the airbrick cover and screw into your Nutserts on both sides, gently compressing the seal.

Do not overtighten. You do not want to move the Nutsert or damage the thread.

You can now remove your cover again & store safely.

Important: Your cover cannot stay on permanently. It must only be deployed in flood risk periods or for practise. Your airbrick must otherwise remain clear for airflow.

We advised fitting quarterly to maintain confidence in deployment.

To maintain your airbrick cover, & to clean (especially post-flood), clean with warm soapy water &/or a mild detergent (no harsh chemicals). Leave to dry & restore safely.