Backwater Valve Installation Guide

A step-by-step guide to installing your Backwater Valve. This device is designed to act as a Non-Return Valve to all drainage related systems such as sinks, basins, washing machines & dishwashers.

Step 1: Locate the pipe to where your Backwater valve will be placed. You may need to temporarily remove some brackets in order to move your pipe once cut to fit your NRV.

You must also know the diameter of this pipe, as this will determine if any reducers are needed to go from the diameter of your NRV, to the diameter of your pipe, & vice versa.

Step 2: Next, you will need to cut your pipe ready to fit your NRV. You may need to remove one or more brackets temporarily to do this.

One method is to make a cut, fit your NRV (as seen in next step), to the top piece of exposed piping, then trim the lower piece to size so that it enters your drain feed in the same position as before.

Alternatively, you make a note of the amount of pipe which needs removing, so that your valve can be put in position.

You can gauge this by measuring the length of your NRV, and take away the amount for which the pipes will enter/overlap.

For example: Your NRV length is 200mm, & your waste pipe will enter 40mm on one side, and 40mm on the other, you will need to cut away 120mm of your pipe.

Note: You will also need to take into account any reducers used, applying the same method above.

Step 3: First install any required reducers to achieve the correct bridge between your Valve & waste pipe. Then, slide your NRV into position on one end & tighten. There is directional guidance on your valve to ensure correct positioning.

Then repeat for the other side.

Step 4: Refix any brackets. If the waste pipe does not have adequate brackets, install additional brackets.

We advise one per side, which provides stability & can stop the NRV being dislodged by flood water

Your backwater valve can be manually closed off by lifting to top plate to close off the valve, stopping water flow. You can do this during a flood event.

Don't keep the cut-off flap raised permanently, this will cause a blockage.