Conservatory Blinds or a Roof Replacement, or Both?

Updated: 15 June, 2022

Even though having generous amounts of natural daylight is nice, the excessive glazing in the windows and traditional polycarbonate roofs combine to make the conservatory too hot in summer and too cold in winter. This presents homeowners with a potential issue, install blinds to try and regulate temperature, or replace the roof with an insulated option?

Blinds do have additional benefits of both offering privacy, and looking aesthetic to compliment the rooms décor. Often though it can come down to cost, with blinds typically being a cheaper option. These can be with fitted & pleated, roller or shutter blinds, all offering varying quality. However, according to WhatPrice customers are typically quoted several thousand pounds to install quality blinds which offer enough thermal regulation to use the room.

No matter the quality of blinds though, this does not fix the fundamental flaw, that there is no roof insulation. Replacing the roof with a solid replacement with the correct level of insulation, offers a long-term solution which fully solves the 'too hot/too cold' issue. Having the solid roof with a tiled exterior and plastered interior, also makes the room feel more usable, and adds desirability and property value.

In our opinion, the cost-benefit lies with a replacement Guardian Warm Roof, especially when taking into account the numerous benefits. If a homeowner still has a desire for blinds though, and deems the investment worthwhile; complimenting the windows with blinds, or adding Velux windows or Solstice skylights with built blinds, can really transform the space into something amazing.