Guardian - The all year round solution!

Guardian Extension

Updated: 08 March, 2022

Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, the number one complaint about traditional conservatory roofs. Hopefully it won't be long before the hotter weather of 2022 is with us, so if you're considering transforming your conservatory, now's the time.

The Lincs Group have been installing Guardian Warm Roofs for several years now, and not a single customer has regretted the option to invest in the usability of their conservatory, with each loving the quality of the finish and the change to the feel of the room. Here are some more benefits of the system:

- The Guardian Warm Roof is the only conservatory solid roof system to be exclusively partnered with Velux, offering you the market leading rooflight option, at a competitive price.

- Potentially increase the value of your property! By transforming your conservatory and giving it more of an 'extension' feel, you will increase the desirability of that living space, which can positively affect your property value.

- LABC compliant: The Guardian Warm Roof system is recognised by local building control as compliant to building regulations, meaning a certificate upon completion of the works. This is a key benefit to homeowners, especially when it comes to selling the property or passing it on to family.

- Compliment your new roof with Guardian LED spotlights, or even go a step further and consider all new window frames, new doors or Bi-folds and internal plastering to really transform the space into a beautiful room.