Guardian Warm Roof, worth the money?

Guardian Conservatory Warm Roof with skylight

Updated: 05 August, 2021

Firstly, is a Guardian conservatory warm roof worth it based on performance? Absolutely. Secondly, is it worth the money? That depends on your financial situation, but we think you will definitely get your moneys worth if you choose this system.

The research and development that has been invested into the Guardian system has been extensive, which is one of the reasons the system is recognised by local building control as compliant in all its features. Some of these include items such as Guardians patented ring being ventilated, which in turn allows for the 120mm depth of insulation with no condensation build up. The Guardian LED spotlights have a shallower depth with a slimmer transformer for less insulation loss.

Exclusive professional business partnerships have been secured to offer different roof finishes, such as the Velux skylight options and the TAPCO Guardian slate, all designed to work specifically with the Guardian system.

Renovating your old poor performing conservatory roof with a new Guardian solid roof system is also no rush job, and has no corners cut, unlike some 'wrap-over' systems which can become a homeowners nightmare. From the very start when our team handles the delivery and fully sheets down the internal space for safety and cleanliness, to the end when a painted finish is completed and the site is cleaned down - time and care is taken to ensure a professional finish.

So, if you have the finance available to invest in the transformation of your conservatory - the Guardian Warm Roof is definitely worth it, at least in our opinion. Additionally, with so many optional extras such as the spotlights, Velux, Solstice, and other building works, you have complete control over how far you want to take your conservatory transformation.