Is EPDM an ECO Friendly Option?

Extension flat roof with polycarbonate roof join

Updated: 20 January, 2022

Considering the environmental impacts of our everyday lifestyle has become increasingly more important, and choosing your roofing solution is no different.

There is ultimately no perfect solution, and there will always be some non reusable waste by-product in your roofing renovation. However, below are some reasons why using EPDM is your best option in terms of eco-friendliness.

- Clean surface water collection: EPDM is a non-toxic roofing product which means water-run off from your flat roof is safe to recycle for your garden - meaning less use from the tap!

- EPDM has been Greenpeace approved! Due its increased life-expectancy, sustainability and recycle options, Greenpeace ranked it as the top performing low impact flat roofing membrane.

- Recycling: EPDM is a leading recycled commercial materials. Clean offcuts can be reused for a variety of options including high calorific fuel (reducing fossil fuel use); road asphalt and other low-grade rubber products such as mats.