Out of Site, out of mind!

Roofing repair

Updated: 02 November, 2022

Out of sight, out of mind - then too little too late?

Roofs are generally a neglected part of a property. It's difficult to notice any issues until a problem arises, which is often water coming in or something blowing off!

This time of the year we always get an increase in calls regarding roof repairs, naturally due to the increased rainfall and winds. These can range from a cracked tile letting water in, chimney stacks weathering to a dangerous degree, or part of the roof blowing off or coming loose.

What to look out for?

There are relatively simple things you could look out for. Is there missing, cracked or loose cement or tiles anywhere on the roof? If so, this could be an opportunity to address the issue before it comes worse, costing you more (or an accident). Is your chimney stack leaning, do the bricks look in good condition or have they begun to degrade?

Does your roof have felt support trays? A common issue is the bottom of the felt becomes porous and rots over the years, drawing moisture back into the roof space. Cutting back this felt and installing felt support trays can eliminate this issue and still allow ventilation.

How old is the roof? Generally after 20 years, a flat roof if not EPDM can weather to the point repairs or renovation is required. A pitched roof should last longer, around 50 years, but certain parts of the roof can need attention sooner, expecially if not done correctly originally. If your roof is getting old, a maintenance inspection by a professional could be advisable.

Are you valleys and gutters clear and not leaking or cracked? Blocked or overgrown gutters can allow moisture and growth back into the roof space over time - making maintenance of this important. Keeping roof valleys clear of moisture and significant moss build up and help stop the cement from degrading, resulting in leaks - which are a common area we end up repairing.