Part L building regulations updated - does your roof comply?

EPDM Warm Roof

150mm is now the size needed, not 120mm!

We were skeptical of the increase at first, how much is enough!? But having now fitted many roofs with the increased insulation, the increase in thermal efficiency is notable - even from 120mm to 150mm. From no insulation to 150mm though, the difference is staggering & we highly advise insulating your living space if renewing your roof.

How is this done?

Well, on an EPDM Warm Roof, the 150mm rigid insulation (celotex or kingspan), goes on top of your joists, and is sandwiched between two sheets of 18mm OSB - making it structurally sound. You then have your EPDM roof covering & upvc fascia.

On a Guardian Conservatory Warm Roof, the makeup is in between the ventilated frame, and beneath, fitted in 3 layers totalling 150mm - all sealed with foil backed tape and plasterboarded ready to skim. This stops any risk of condensation build up and dramatically increases the thermal efficiency of your living space.

Keeping on top of the current regulations is becoming increasingly important & property surveyors are keen to seek proof that renovations are up to the required spec. Be sure to choose The Lincs Group for your roofing solution.