Storm Babet & your £5,000.00 grant!

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Lincolnshire & other area's of the UK have been rocked by Storm Babet, causing significant loss of life, destruction to properties and more.

The communities secretary Michael Gove, has announced funding for homes and businesses affected by Storm Babet, to help rebuild the communities and to increase their property resilience.

Part of this funding, is a £5,000.00 grant to improve a properties flood resilience - a vital money package to defend against future storms, as they continue to increase in both severity and quantity.

The Lincs Group, specifically our division, Lincs Flood Defence, established in 2013 when our own home town of Boston severely flooded. As a result, working closely with Boston Borough council, we both supplied and installed many flood defence items to homeowners whose properties had been flooded, aiding them through the application process as well.

We can do the same for properties affected in Lincolnshire & beyond now. If you've been directly affected by Storm Babet, get in touch with & we'll see if we can help you make the most of the £5,000.00 flood resilience grant. This can include: Flood barriers, flood doors, anti flood airbricks, toilet bungs, puddle pumps, non-return valves and more.

Get ahead of the curve.