Flood Defence

Established after first hand Flooding Experience

Certified & Approved Flood Defence Installers

Lincs Flood Defence became a specialist division of The Lincs Group. First established in 2013, due to our hometown severely flooding, we steadily gained experience, a prestigious reputation & were the first to become a BSi Kitemark certified Flood Professional. These attributes give us access to a wide range of flood defence products to cover different property entry points.

The risk of flooding is continually increasing, with the Environment Agency confirming the severity of flooding is also increasing. If you have been flooded or are at risk of being flooded, please feel free to get in touch to see how we can help.

Alternatively, check out our shop & take matters into your own hands.

What We Offer:

β€’ Comprehensive site survey, with an assessment of the points of entry in the property. We can also provide estimates based on images & approx dimensions.

β€’ Recommendations of the best suited flood defence products (including alternate options where possible) to protect the property.

β€’ Assistance in applying for grants where applicable (we have vast experience in achieving this). This can also including liaising with insurance companies or councils where necessary.

β€’ An official quotation based on the decision chosen between contractor and customer.

β€’ Installation of works as per the official quotation by our experienced and trained staff.


The Lincs Group installed a number of flood defence products at my elderly mothers house, including doors, a sump pump and airbricks. They helped us through the flood grant process as Bradford suffered heavy flooding. They’re professionalism and quality of work was clearly evident, especially as they were inspected by the BSI team on the job, who were also impressed.

Simon – Bradford

Brick Defence

The majority of UK homes are built using traditional brick construction methods and although bricks are a solid and largely water resistant material, over time the mortar between the bricks can deteriorate allowing flood waters to penetrate.

Many construction methods also require ventilation through the use of airbricks which can leave your home vulnerable to flooding in the event of rising waters.

Our years of experience and professional certification mean we have the expertise to determine the correct to ensure your brickwork will keep flood waters at bay.

Flood Defender Doors

Water will always follow the path of least resistance and most doors offer little protection against floods (or fire).

As flood defence specialists, we have access to a range of doors that are specifically designed to defend your home against flooding. Tested to meet every regulatory standard, flood doors provide extra strength, security and seal protection.

And the added bonus is that you don’t have to make sacrifices when it comes to style and colour. Available in a wide range of options, defending your home has never looked better.

Sewage Defence

One of the most common and destructive impacts of flooding can be the release of sewage into your home through backflow. The clean up after a flood is expensive and time consuming but if sewage is also a factor, bringing your home back to a habitable state is taken to a whole new level.

Thankfully, there are some relatively simple ways to reduce the risk of contamination, & defend your property and possessions in the event of flooding.

Barrier Defence

The alternative to Flood Defender Doors, are the reactive option, Flood Barriers. These are a more cost effective option. Barriers can either be bought β€˜off the shelf’ in a range of predetermined widths or can be β€˜custom made’ to suit the specific property requirements.

  • A range of different fixings are available making for easy deployment

  • Lightweight yet strong

  • Easy to install

  • Bespoke to suit each situation

  • Choice of heights, up to maximum 1000mm