Flood Defence Projects

Interested to see some of the projects we've worked on over the years?

Check out some them below!

Fishtoft Pumping Station

An interesting & very important project. The Fishtoft Pumping Station controls tidal flow, & houses significant power & machinery to function the station. They're not immune to flooding themselves though.

So, we undertook an extremely comprehensive survey, identified the areas to defend, & completed the project. This included several flood doors, airbricks and flood defender walls.

To ensure compliance to BSI standards, this project was also water tested in some areas to check the performance - all of which passed.

Demountable Flood Barriers - Croft

This property was located next to a small river notorious for bursting its banks. We installed some M3 anti-flood airbricks, along with the Lakeside demountable & modular style flood barriers on this project. With 3 rear patio doors being quite large, the modular style of the barriers made deployment much easier for the customer.

 We also added a portable sump pump which can be used to pump out any water which breaches the properties exterior.

Lingrain - Boston

Another important install in Boston which is located on the docks & flooded in 2013. We protected this area with multiple barriers to doors, frames and low-lying windows.

Thus included some bespoke hardwood joinery to reinforce the windows first, then installing side rails for the barrier to slot into.

Anti-Flood Airbricks - Horncastle

A smaller project on this one, but no less important. The property was lower than the road, which flooded regularly. This caused regular, but low-lying floods, worsened when cars drove past. This caused water to enter the existing airbricks, potentially flooding & damaging the sub-base cavity.

We installed Anti-Flood Airbricks to all entries, protecting them against the back flow of water ingress. 

Composite Flood Door - Welbourn

A similar storey to other projects, the roads can quickly flood and cause flash flooding to the front of the property.

The customer therefore needed a passive solution to their front door, as they may not have the time to deploy a barrier. They decided on an Anthracite Grey Composite Flood Defendender Door, & it looks great!

Flood Defence to a Conservation Area - Nottinghamshire

Quite a niche project. The stunning old property was in a conservation area with strict rules on what could be done to the property.

After discussion, we settled on Flood Defender Barriers, which compressed to the door frame via 4 10mm Nutserts. This way, when the barriers are not deployed, only the small nutserts were visible, maintaining the look of the property.

As a little bonus, we created some bespoke rain guards out of white upvc to sit on the barriers! Quite therapeutic!