Flood Defence Projects

Croft Flood Defence

This property was located next to a small river notorious for bursting its banks. We installed some M3 anti-flood airbricks, along with Lakeside demountable flood barriers on this project. We also added a portable sump pump which can be used to pump out any water which breaches the properties exterior.

Boston Lingrain Flood Defence

Another important install in Boston which is located on the docks which flooded in 2012. We protected this area with multiple barriers to door frames and low-lying windows, which included some bepoke hardwood joinery to reinforce the windows first.

Fishtoft Pumping Station Flood Defence

Quite an important installation on this job, and our work was water tested in some areas to ensure compliance to BSI standards. We installed several flood doors, airbricks and flood defender walls to protect the area which itself manages tidal flows in the Freiston and Boston area.