Flood Sax Deployment Guide

A step-by-step guide to deploying your FloodSax to help keep flood water out. A great sand-bag alternative.

Your FloodSax is designed to expand to protect your entry or designated area, with the number of FloodSax required depending on the size of said entry. 

Step 1: Determine the amount of FloodSax required to protect your entry. As a guide, consult the following information (right).

These measurements take into account your fully inflated FloodSax size (see further down).

Below examples are advised amounts for single height protection per entry.

Single door: 5 total (3 exterior, 2 interior)

Double or Patio door: 10 total

Standard airbrick: 2 (usually stacked to reach airbrick height)

Downstairs Toilet: 1 

Garage (3M): 10 total (20 for double garage)

Open spaces: Create a wall with your FloodSax to divert water away from your entry.

Step 2: Place your required amount of FloodSax into position to protect your entry. Next, manually inflate your FloodSax by adding water.

The gelling Polymer inside will naturally expand. You can pour water on the bags directly, or soak them in a large bucket or tub. 

Your FloodSax will take up to 5 minutes to fully inflate & become taut.

Step 3: Once your entry is no longer at risk from flooding, you must dispose of your FloodSax.

Unfortunately, your FloodSax is not currently recycable - they must be disposed as waste.

Important: You should now strongly consider purchasing new FloodSax ready for future deployment.

See the below illustrations for the sizes of your FloodSax. When deflated, they are quite slim, allowing convenient storage ready for deployment.