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Elevate Rubber Cover for your flat roof is the premium choice for a long-lasting waterproofing solution. Suitable for a wide range of applications:

Garages - Porches - Bay Windows - Sheds - Dormers - Commercial flat roofs & offices - extension flat roofs

Easier to install than competing systems, allowing the competent DIY'er & tradesperson to protect their own flat roof. Our team has 3 decades experience, installing thousands of rubber roofs.

Premium EPDM

long life expectancy

bespoke size

3 decades experience

Eco Friendly

The Range of EPDM Rubber Roofing

Elevate EPDM Rubber

Premium Single Ply EPDM membrane, ideal for most residential and commercial flat roofing applications. 

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Adhesives, Sealants & Primers

A range of unique items for the long-lasting application of your EPDM Rubber.

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Roofing Edge Trims

Upvc Rubber roofing trims to neatly finish the edges of your flat roof, either enabling, or stopping, water run-off.

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Flashing, Seams & Detailing

A range of unique items for the joining, sealing & finishing your EPDM in a variety of situations.

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EPDM Accessories

A range of items to assist in the installation of your EPDM flat roof

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Installation Tools

A variety of both optional & necessary installation tools, designed to assist you in the long-term waterproofing of your flat roof.

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Drain Outlets & Pipe Boots

A range of items to help you seal around roof protrusions such as vents, drains and pipes.

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Flat Rooflights

Triple Glazed Flat Roof Skylights: Choose from a wealth of size options to add some natural daylight to your space. A** energy rated & Bsi compliant.

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We have a range of installation guides, advice & tips available. See here for loads of information!

Alternitively, if you still need help, get in touch & if one of our teams free, we'll do our best to help.

Fancy some character & natural light in your living space?

Why not add a triple flazed flat roof skylight to your project? Browse our range of sizes to see which best suits your desires.