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Showcase Products

Elevate EPDM 1.14

From £9.99

Elevate EPDM 1.52

From £13.49

Elevate EPDM Shed roof kit

From £69.00

Flat Roof Skylights

EPDM Accessories

Gutter Brush 100mm

From £10.00

Delux Fixings - 100 box

From £24.70

Black pins 40mm

From £6.58

Black Pins 50mm

From £6.58

Wurth Universal Fixing Screws

From £8.00

Wonder Wipes

From £4.50

Installation Tools

Quickprime Fleece

From £1.29

9 Inch Roller fleece

From £3.52

Roller Pack

From £8.25

Quickprime Handle

From £7.00

Penny Roller

From £19.69

Silicone Rubber Roller

From £21.20

Paddle mixer

From £8.00

Heavy Duty Scissors

From £12.00
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  • Are the rooflights safe to walk on?
    No, though all of our skylights are made with toughened glass throughout, it is not safe to walk on.
  • How do I place a rooflight order?
    Ordering a rooflight with us couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is select the rooflight product, size and quantity you want before selecting ‘buy now’. Our secure payment gateway will then walk you through payment and delivery options.
  • Do the rooflights open?
    No, all skylights supplied are fixed and non-opening. For Flat Roof Skylights, this is the best way to eliminate the change of potential leaks (when installed correctly), and offer a highly competitive price.
  • Are Guardian roofs good?
    Yes, Guardian roofs are considered good as they are energy-efficient and provide improved thermal insulation, resulting in reduced heating costs for conservatories.
  • Does a Guardian roof need building regulations?
    Yes, in most cases, a Guardian roof or any other replacement conservatory roof would need to comply with building regulations. It is important to check with local authorities or consult professionals to ensure compliance.
  • Who owns Guardian Warm Roof?
    Guardian Warm Roof is owned by Guardian Building Systems.
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