Flashing, Seams & Detailing Kits

Quality First

The quality range of flashings are specifically designed to seal your EPDM in various situations, & to various substrates, such as around corners, skylight kerbs, flues, & other membranes or surfaces.

Simple & relatively cost-effective to use, these flashings are suitable for both the competent DIY'er & trade professional, domestic & commercial, to provide your EPDM with a durable, long-lasting finish.

Why use Flashings, Seams & Detailing Kits?

Unfortunately, not all flat roofs are square, free standing, or straight forward! Many join other parts of the building, or have odd-shapes with corners & roof protrusions such as vents.

This is where your flashings come into play, their excellent adhesion & moisture resistance make them ideal for sealing those irregular corners, joins, & bonds to other substrates.

Which Flashing?

Designed for a range of situations, these products are designed for various purposes. You can select each item above & inspect the Details, Application, FAQs, & view any associated Downloads.

We also have a range of Installation Guides available, which we continue to update.

Other Uses

Does your roof have other unique features? Such as a flue, internal drains or need ventilation? Browse our other roofing categories to find the necessary items to combine with your flashings, to waterproof those key unique areas.