Roof Chimney Repairs

Pitched Roof & Chimney Repairs

Out of sight, out of mind!

Problems with chimneys and pitched roofs aren’t usually noticed until its too late and water damage or a fire occurs. Of course the best choice is to have regular checks to ensure that your roof is sound and that your chimney is completely sealed and stable.

However, when a problem does arise, we can use our Alto scaffolding and platforms, to safely provide a solution in most scenarios without sub-contracting a scaffolding company to fully erect scaffolding.

Save time and money by choosing the Lincs Group for your roof and/or chimney repairs.

Common Chimney Problems

As with anything exterior on the property, it only has a certain life expectancy. After so may years, weathering causes the mortar and bricks on the chimney breast and cap, to deteriorate and become porous or break down (and tilt!). To remedy this, we can:

  • If the bricks are still in good condition; grind out the old porous mortar. Chop away any cracked or porous concrete caps/pots. If the bricks are in very bad condition, we can completely de-brick the chimney to roof level and fully rebuild it for you.

  • Wash down and pva the working area

  • Re-point the chimney breast and re-cement the chimney caps. If required, we can also refit any chimney flues and install any cowls needed for chimney ventilation.

  • Once the new cement is cured, we can apply Stormdry to seal the new cement and help defend the chimney against future weathering.

Common Pitched Roof Problems

Again, this part of your property has a certain life expectancy and takes its fair share of weathering. In our experience, the common problems we encounter are:

  • The cement on the ridge/hip tiles and gable end has deteriorated

  • The felt at the bottom of the roof has rotted and become porous

  • The flashing on a chimney has caused a leak.

To remedy these we can: 

  • Temporarily remove (or replace) your tiles on the gable ends, hips and ridges; and re-point or re-bed them. This may also include new felt sections and batons if leakage has cause rotting.

  • Temporarily remove (or replace) the bottom rows of tiles and installed felt support trays. This helps to prevent capillary action of water ingress rotting the felt and causing leaks (this can also help to stop bird and vermin ingress). We can also refelt and baton any rotted areas caused by leakage.

  • Remove the old flashing or cement where the pitched roof meets the chimney. We can then fit new lead flashing, or if more applicable, we can use our Firestone flashform to seal the area – we use this on our flat roofing which we guarantee for 20 years! If needed, we can also re-felt and baton any rotted areas here caused by leakage.

If you need your pitched roof fully renovated, we can project manage this for you (customers have ended up doing attic conversions with skylights) or we can refer you direct to a pitched roof specialist.