18 inch Quickseam flashing

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An uncured, laminated, high performance quick seam flashing. 

• Provides a long lasting water-tight finish on your EPDM, typically when flashing over drains, skylights, curbs & other detailing.

•  Used in conjunction with Elevate Quickprime Plus, Quickscrub fleece & handle 

• Sold by the linear meter.

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Elevate SA flashing is a high performance, factory laminated EPDM membrane onto Quickseam tape, it is self-seaming and relatively easy to install.

• Ideal for trade or competent DIY'er, Quickseam flashing is available to buy by the metre and is 457mm (18” wide) to suit a wide range of project types, regardless of size.

• It boasts a wide range of benefits:

Long-term performance  -  Ideal for membrane repairs  -  Gutter lining  -  Flashing roof skylights  -  Seal drain inserts  -  Flash in pipe flanges  -  Curbs or parapets (where flashing heights allow)  -  

Superior ozone and ultraviolet resistance  -  Remains flexible over wide temperature variations  -  Excellent long term weathering qualities  -  Application temperature range between -23 degrees and +49 degrees.

• Elevate Quickseam SA flashing has a polyester release liner for easy removal and excellent weather resistance. It has all the qualities of EPDM membrane in terms of longevity and performance and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Your 9'' Form Flash provides a long lasting seal on your EPDM, typically when flashing over drains, skylights, curbs & other detailing.

More information can be found in the installation guides, but to summarise:

• Using the Quickscrub Holder & Fleece, apply Quickprime Plus (both sold separately) to the roof membrane and substrate to receive the SA Flashing.

• Allow the Quickprime Plus to semi-cure (user will determine flash off time) until tacky.

• Cut the Flashing to sufficient length, & once the QuickPrime Plus has gone tacky, apply your flashing by removing the tape from one side and smoothing into position. Take care not to crease the flashing or trap any large pockets of air underneath, as these will affect the integrity of the seal.

• Once bonded, use your Silicone Rubber Roller & Penny Roller to work in.

• Once cured after a few hours, Elevate Lap Sealant can be applied to the seam edges.

Note: No contact adhesive is needed for the installation of SA flashing. QuickPrime Plus must be used to prime the membrane to which the flashing will be attached.

  • Can I stick Elevate Flashing down with bonding adhesive?
    No. You must use Elevate Quickprime Plus to prime the EPDM & surface your seaming product will adhere to. The waterbased deck adhesive or bonding adhesive is not suitable for this.
  • Do I need to seal the edges of the flashing?
    Providing you follow installation instructions, & conduct the work under appropriate weather conditions, the flashing will seam to the EPDM and not require additional sealing. However, during this curing process, Lap Sealant can seal the edges until the seam fully bonds. Our installation team applies this as an extra layer of protection to ensure long-term performance.
  • Can the flashing be stretched?
    Yes, Elevate Quickseam flashing can stretch to allow its application. Do note, it is not designed to be over stretched. It's flexibility is more directed at allowing 3D moulding around awkward corners & details such as pipework, skylight corners and drains.
  • Can Elevate flashing be used to repair other surfaces?
    Yes, Elevate Quickseam flashing can provide a long-term high performance seal to a range of surfaces. Note, all surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, dry & free from all debris & foreign bodies. It must also always be used with the Elevate Quickprime Plus.
  • What happens if I get air pockets in the flashing?
    Some air pockets can be gently smoothed out with your Silicone Rubber Roller & Penny Roller. Start from the centre, and work towards the edges. Never start at the edge and work in - as this will trap the pocket. It you have air pockets sufficient to affect the seal - you may need to pierce/cut this & place a new patch over the top.

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Notes on the delivery of Elevate EPDM:

If you order EPDM with your items, the rubber will be delivered rolled up for ease of transport. As a result there may be some fold creases and wrinkles - this is normal. To remedy this, the EPDM should be laid to rest, or settle, for a minimum of 1 hour. In colder temperatures, the light use of a heat gun (not a naked flame) can be used to settle the rubber. Don't overheat or touch directly.

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