EPDM Through wall outlet 100mm

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An outlet designed to feed horizontally through your wall for external drainage, typically into a hopper drain. 

• Used with QuickPrime Plus & Elevate Flashform to provide a long-term watertight seal from your EPDM into your through drain. 

• Outlet diameter 100mm x 100mm.

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A flexible, high quality roof through outlet for corners and junctions between the roof and the parapet wall.

• Outlet hole diameter 100 x 100 mm. The pipe or shank is slightly angled to encourage the flow of water away from the mouth and down the pipe. The shank is 425mm long, so it can cross through 40cm of wall before having to be connected up.

• Being made form EPDM the connector is extremely tough, fully flexible and resistant to UV deterioration and chemical salts.

• They can be fitted to vertical downpipes at the edge of the retaining wall, or on a horizontal plane through the upstand or wall to then connect to the external downpipe.

• Must be used in combination with Quickseam Form Flash & Quickprime Plus.

More information can be found in the installation guides, but to summarise:

• Ensure the EPDM is bonded first as required, including up any vertical or parapet, & neatly cut the hole to the drain.

• Apply some Bond & Seal Sealant to the reverse of the drain face & slide in position, compressing the sealant.

• Mechanically fix with washes & fasteners as required.

• Cut your 18'' Quickseam Flashing to size, allowing 75mm overlap onto the EPDM on all sides, as well as the full face of the drain. Place in position & chalk around the edge.

• Using your Quickscrub Holder & Fleece, apply Quickprime Plus within the chalked area, plus an extra 10mm.

• Once touch-dry & tacky, apply the quickseam flashing, starting at the bottom, working towards then wall then upwards, peeling the tape & smoothing into position as you go - taking care not to stretch or create air pockets.

• Work into position with Silicone Rubber Roller & Penny Roller. Apply shallow bead of Lap Sealant to edges if required. 

• Cut out the drain hole carefully, taking care not to damage the internal drain beneath. Connect the outer wall feed if required.

  • Can the EPDM Drain be fitted under the EPDM?
    The EPDM drain must sit on top of your EPDM, with the necessary hole cut out. You then flash over the drain face with your Quickseam Flashing Items.
  • Can I seal the EPDM Internal Drain with Silicone?
    No, you can stick it down in place with a high quality sealant, though we advise a mechanical fixing. You must use seal the drain to the EPDM with the necessary Elevate Quickseam Flashing items.
  • Can the through wall outlet be cut to size?
    The length can certainly be cut to size, as length will likely stick out the outer wall (if it does not, you will need to prepare the through channel prior to installation). You should consider the amount of overhang into the exterior drain feed. The face should only be cut if absolutely necessary - such as the height of the parapet wall restricts the top flange pushing into position. If this is the case, be extra thorough with the Quickseam flashing to ensure a water-tight seal.

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Notes on the delivery of Elevate EPDM:

If you order EPDM with your items, the rubber will be delivered rolled up for ease of transport. As a result there may be some fold creases and wrinkles - this is normal. To remedy this, the EPDM should be laid to rest, or settle, for a minimum of 1 hour. In colder temperatures, the light use of a heat gun (not a naked flame) can be used to settle the rubber. Don't overheat or touch directly.

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