Permaroof Waterbased deck adhesive

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A high quality waterbased deck adhesive, developed by Permaroof UK.

• Designed to bond your EPDM rubber to your timber roof deck. 

• A simple and easy application. 

• Coverage approximately 1L per 4 square meters

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A high performance Permaroof water based deck adhesive. Designed to match the longevity & superiority of the EPDM membrane. Suitable for application to timber roof decks. Fast, safe and easy to apply, ideal for DIY.

• Coverage rate for 10L: Approximately 40m2

• Coverage rate for 5L: Approximately 20m2

• Coverage rate for 2.5L: Approximately 10m2


• Keep container closed when not in use.

•  Do not allow the product to freeze

• Keep out of reach of children

• User determines suitability for intended use and assumes all risk and liability.


• May cause mild eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing  -

 • Do not swallow, avoid constant inhalation.  

• If swallowed, or contact with eyes, seek medical attention.

• You will need a 4'' or 9'' Roller Frame & sleeve, plus an Extension Roller for the application of the adhesive, which is designed to bond your EPDM to your timber deck surface only.

• More information can be found in the installation guides, but to summarise:

STEP 1. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of dust and other small particles. Sweep clean, use a either leaf blower, or other suitable method to remove any stubborn areas.

STEP 2. Fold back your EPDM approximately half way, then apply an even coat of water based deck adhesive to the timber roof decking, starting at the edge and walking back on yourself.

STEP 3. Mate the membrane with the deck, bringing the two surfaces together. At this point, Permaroof water based adhesive is more forgiving with placement than bonding adhesive. This means you can move the membrane around while the adhesive is still wet, even taking it up to correct any mistakes 2-3 times. 

STEP 4. Smooth down with a soft brush or EPDM roller to remove any air pockets, bubbles and creases. Repeat for the remaining half.

  • What is the difference between waterbased adhesive & bonding adhesive?
    Waterbased adhesive (AKA deck adhesive), is more suited to timber adhesion, such as ply & OSB. The adhesive is applied to the deck only, not the underside of the EPDM, & is mated immediately while wet. Due to the slower curing nature of the adhesive, so much so that when applying to a large deck surface area, it allows for the correction of mistakes when laying the EPDM, before the adhesive fully cures. Bonding adhesive is a much stronger adhesive, more typically used for bonding EPDM to other surfaces (including timber), but also to verticals, upstands and brickwork – allowing a stronger hold. Bonding Adhesive is applied to the surface & EPDM, & is mated once tacky or touch-dry. Bonding Adhesive is also the more commercially viable option & is installed inline with the Elevate Rubbergard system.
  • How do you apply the water based adhesive?
    The best way to apply your waterbased adhesive is with a pole, roller cage & sleeve - check out our 9'' roller pack in the shop. Use this to apply an even coverage to you deck surface.
  • What happens if I spill the adhesive?
    If you spill the adhesive, immediately limit the spread of the liquid, reducing potential damage. Then scrape up as much as possible, then using warm soapy water first to dilute and wash the remaining substance. You may need a more aggressive scraper/scrubber to get remaining material up. Take care during using as it may not be possible to fully clean, leaving staining or damage.
  • What colour is the waterbased adhesive
    Out of the tin it is a white colour, with a hint of light blue once applied to the deck surface. It cures much lighter, almost clear - though your EPDM must be bonded to the primed surface while the adhesive is still wet.

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Notes on the delivery of Elevate EPDM:

If you order EPDM with your items, the rubber will be delivered rolled up for ease of transport. As a result there may be some fold creases and wrinkles - this is normal. To remedy this, the EPDM should be laid to rest, or settle, for a minimum of 1 hour. In colder temperatures, the light use of a heat gun (not a naked flame) can be used to settle the rubber. Don't overheat or touch directly.

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