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A 9'' frame & Sleeve, plus a 4'' frame and sleeve. 

• This combined pack is used for the application of your & waterbased deck adhesive. 

• Can also be used to apply your Elevate bonding adhesive if not using the spray.

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• A simple 4'' & 9'' Roller Frame & Sleeve. 

• Used in the application of waterbased deck adhesive & bonding adhesive to your prepared surface - typically timber decking.

• If not already done so, simply slide the fleece onto the frame, & use as is required for the application of your job requirements.

  • Do I need to use a Roller & Fleece with the Elevate Bonding Spray Adhesive?
    No, the aerosol spray adhesive requires no application, other than the spray of the adhesive to the EPDM & prepared surface. The Roller & Fleece should be used when using the liquid bonding adhesive, as this will required evenly spready to the EPDM & prepared surface.
  • Can I reuse the Fleece after a single use?
    Providing the adhesive on the roller from its initial application is still wet, & not cured, it can be used (such as when gluing two halves, or two roofs in one working period). Once the adhesive on the fleece has dried, it must be disposed of and a new fleece used - as this will compromise the application of the chosen adhesive to the prepared surface.

• Simply slide the fleece into position, attach the frame to your pole if necessary & use as is required for the application of your EPDM.