Felt Joins

Step by step guide for when your EPDM meets a felt roof abutment.

Step 1: Glue your EPDM right up to the point where your roof meets the felt abutment.

Your EPDM will need to overlap the felt by 50mm, so trim a straight line, using a chalk or crayon & straight edge to assist.

Step 2: The area must be clean, dry and free of debris. Often, the felt will have stones, moss build up and general damp debris. Clean this about 150mm away from your roof join – aerosol cleaner & lightly using a wire brush can assist here.

To dry the area if needed, a heat gun can be helpful. Don’t touch directly and avoid using on one area for too long.

Step 3: Gently fold back the EPDM overlap. Apply a relatively generous line of Firestone Elevate Waterblock Sealant to the felt, approximately 10mm from the edge of where your EPDM will finish.

Fold your EPDM back over, gently compressing the sealant.

Step 4: With your termination bar in place, starting at one end and working along fixing your fasteners. The position of your bar should be flush with the edge of your EPDM.

The Waterblock sealant should bulge out, clean the excess away.

Step 5: You now need to flash over this area. You will use your 6’’ Batten Cover Strip for this, centred over the Termination Bar. Use your chalk to mark a straight line, 75mm either side of your batten strip.

Using your Quickscrub handle and pad, apply and even amount of Quickprimer Plus to this area, leaving no puddling. Leave to go touch-dry & tacky.

Note: The felt section you are bonding to should be clean & dry from Step 2.

Step 6: Starting at one end, smoothly apply your 6’’ batten cover strip into place, centred to the bar, peeling off the paper as you go. To avoid air pockets, gently smooth with one hand as you go, keeping the flashing taut without stretching.

Once applied, work into place using your Silicon Rubber Roller & Penny Roller.

As extra security, our team applies a bead of Firestone Elevate Lap sealant to the edges of the cover strip flashing.

Bonus Step 7: As extra security, our team applies a bead of Firestone Elevate Lap sealant to the edges of the cover strip flashing – for an additional layer of protection.