Rubber Flat Roofing

EPDM Flat Roofers of Distinction

We have been providing EPDM roofing services to Lincolnshire and surrounding areas for 3 decades, building up a prestigious reputation along the way.

We take pride in being one of the country’s approved installers for Elevates one piece EPDM Rubber Cover; a modern, versatile solution for your flat roofing needs, small or large.

We offer many services, all of which can be viewed using the menu above.

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What We Offer

β€’ A comprehensive site survey (or an estimate based on images & dimensions)

β€’ Recommended works based upon the results of the survey

β€’ An official quotation based on the recommended works

β€’ Installation, completion and issue of 20 year membrane warranty via the National authorised distributors, Permaroof.


Breedon were delighted with the work carried out to replace a flat roof system on our area office building at Norton Bottoms. The team ensured all health and safety requirements were met and delivered on all the promises made throughout the tender process. Mark and his team provided a first rate professional job

Tom (GM) – Breedon Aggregates

Fascia & Guttering

Whilst renovating a flat roof, it is an ideal time to renew or cover any old fascia. We can replace just the flat roof area, or the whole property. This will enhance the property along with the repaired or new roof.

Here are some of the benefits of the Roofline Upvc system:

β€’ Maintenance free (aside from cleaning). No more filling, painting or staining

β€’ Multiple colours and styles available

β€’ Long-term guarantee

β€’ Composite and wood effect options available

β€’ Shiplap cladding and soffit available

Upvc Roof Line Trims

Designed with its own water-check kerb to be used around the perimeter of a flat roof to direct water towards the gutter edge, this 2 part trim acts as a special drip system eliminating any requirement for wooden battens, & ensuring no water falls behind the gutter. 

As these final trims are installed over any existing or new fascia, we highly recommend considering new fascia at the same time to provide a durable low maintenance finish that will last for many years

Energy Saving Warm Roof

Conforming to Part L Building Regulations, the energy saving Warm Roof System keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Many roofing systems apply insulation between the framework joists of the roof however, the framework itself is not insulated leading to what is called β€˜cold bridging’.

With our Warm Roof System, there is no cold bridging due to a construction method that provides a seamless insulating membrane across the entire roof area.


Skylights can make all the difference to the light levels inside your home or commercial premises, giving you more flexibility to the way you use your spaces.

We offer a few options, including Custom Rooflights Triple Glazed rooflight, that we believe are the best value for money Skylights available in the UK.