Roofing Edge Trims

Fit for Purpose

Designed specifically for your EPDM roof edges, these simple & easy to use trims are the ideal finish for your roof.

Available in Black & Anthracite, along with all the necessary accessories.

Why use Roofing Edge Trims?

Quick & easy to fit, these roofing trims have been developed purely for your roofing edges. 

The Kerb/Upstand trim, combined with the foam tape stops water-run off, encouraging water to your gutter edge. 

The unique 2-part Drip Trim, which includes a 'kick' feature, allows water run-off off the flat roof, & directs the water into your gutter.

Which Trims?

Water run-off? You need the 2-part drip trim. No water run-off, you need the Kerb/Upstand Trim. You can also select the items above & inspect the Details, Application, FAQs, & view any associated Downloads.

This also goes for all the joins & accessories.

We also have a range of Installation Guides available, which we continue to update.