Flat Roofing Projects

We've completed too many to count, but here are a few featured below.

Commerical EPDM Flat Roof - Tescos Lincoln

We were proud to work on the Lincoln Tesco construction site, where stringent health and safety measures due to large machinery were required. We worked together with multiple contractors to provide an intricate EPDM finish with multiple internal valleys.

EPDM Flat Roof - Anderby Creek

Creek Tavern was looking for a solution to renovate their large, leaking felt flat roof. The felt system had failed, yet the existing decking was still in good condition. This enabled us to overboard the existing layer with OSB and finish with EPDM, plus all-new fascia and guttering. Safe to say the customer was extremely satisfied with the quality of work and reasonable price on such a large roof.

EPDM Warm Roof - Sleaford

A second story warm roof, which we set up scaffold for safe access. We installed 150mm insulation on this roof for maximum thermal efficiency & to comply with part L building regulations. 

We also complimented the exterior with black ash fascia and guttering, which covered the increase in roof height perfectly.

Commercial Flat Roof - Breedon Aggregates Newark

At Breedon Aggregates head office in Newark, we set up safety scaffolding to renovate their considerably large flat roof during a heat-wave mid summer, something we're confident could not have been done in fibreglass due to the resin hardening too fast. We conformed to very stringent health and safety regulations. and the head site manager was impressed with our services, leaving a glowing review.

L-Shaped EPDM Flat Roof - Digby

We were able to install a one-piece rubber on this P-shaped roof, tying it in neatly into the rosemary tiled roof. The old chipboard decking was removed and new 18mm OSB was installed. A very professional looking finish.

Double Garage EPDM Roof - Burgh Le Marsh

We completed 3 flat roofs in total on this project, 2 rear porches & a shared double garage. 

The felt system had failed on both neighbours roofs, so they decided to have the works completed together, allowing for the garage to be covered in one piece of EPDM - No Joins No Leaks!

Dormer Flat Roof - Stamford

We used our own Alto Tower Scaffold on this project, installing a new EPDM roof covering to an old leaking roof.

As was needed, we stripped back some of the clay pantiles to dress the EPDM under the breath membrane. The tiles were then placed back to provide a seamless finish.

EPDM Roof with Triple Glazed Rooflights - Cherry Willingham

We worked with a local builder on this project, completing a second storey dormer, as well as the extension flat roof - complimented with 2 x Triple Glazed Flat Roof Skylights.

EPDM to a DIY Build - Kirkby on Bain

A nice, quick & easy project for this one. The customer, based on our guidance, built himself a large workshop & wanted an EPDM finish.

He completed all the joinery, then we came in & installed the one-piece EPDM & roofing edge trims. No classic leaks on this shed-style building!

Swimming Pool Roof on a New Build - Deeping

We completed this one well over 10 years ago, but still remember it as a great project to work on. 

After a long successful career the client was building himself a luxurious home with a large swimming pool, including multiple EPDM flat roofs. 

It was a pleasure to work with other masters of their craft, builders, lead workers & slate specialists.