Installing your Steel Framed Structure

A guide to installing the pre-fabricated panels & make-up of your Steel Framed Garden Building.
Your kit will arrive in panel form, each labelled according to the drawings, along with an installation manual & necessary fixings.

This stage follows up from completing your sub-base. See the relevant section for advice.

Step 1: Make sure you have all the necessary drawings, fixings & panels & inspect as required before starting.

Once ready, ensure space to work & maintain a clean safe working environment.

Step 2: For the purposes of this advise, we're assuming you have an insulated concrete base, which is perfectly level.

Prepare to start from one rear corner with the corresponding panel. Your wall panels should sit on 150mm wide DPC, & screw through this into the concrete base with the necessary plugs, washers & fixings - every 300mm.

 Any joins or corners should be overlapped by 150mm. This will defend your steel from moisture degradation.

Continue installing the panels & joining them as per the drawings. It is very important you use a spirit level during this, & the fixings provided. A minimum of 3 fixings per joint, adding more at the end where required.

Note: If you are using a riser system, such as Ground Screws or The French Peg system, start at the highest point and continue round using a spirit level, to level the base as required.

Step 3: Once you've installed your walls & are satisfied they are plumb, as per drawings & with sufficient fixings, install the roof beams as per drawings.

Screw down through into the wall panels, at the positioning and spacing indicated on your drawings.

Congratulations, you're steel frame is complete! On to the exterior make-up & EPDM warm roof.