Roofing Edge Trims - Kerbs

A step-by-step guide for installing your EPDM roofing edge trims, where water does not run off the edge.

Step 1: Identify all roof edges where there will be no water run-off. These are where your kerbs will go.

Your Kerm trims are installed after your gutter trims.

Bonus tip: Remember, our roofing trims do not require timber battens! No wood, no rot! Check out the Flat Roof Preparation Advice for how to best prepare your roof edges!

Step 2: Neatly & carefully trim your excess EPDM, leaving 50mm overhanging.

Step 3: Cut your kerb trim to length if less than 2.5m. Using your foam edge tape, peel of the cover strip, and stick your tape to the underside of your kerb trim, keeping it closer to the outer edge. Take care not to stretch the tape.

Bonus tip: You can use Bond & Seal in addition to this once fitted to create an even better seal.

Step 4: Push your kerb trim down into position, compressing the foam tape. Then, using your colour coded polytope pins, hammer & secure into position.

Bonus tip: When you have a stretch which requires multiple lengths, slide into place your kerb join before fitting your second piece. Allow a 5mm expansion gap within the joint.

Step 5: For your kerb corners (internal or external), you slide them over the top of your kerb, creating a neat finish. You can mate them in place with Bond & Seal, superglue, pilot drill and secure with a polytop pin (same level as other pins), or secure with one of our Delux Fastenings.

Bonus tip: Any open ends of your trims or corners and be closed off with your caps (small/large) and held in place with our Bond & Seal or superglue.