600mm x 1500mm Triple Glazed Rooflight

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Price: Β£349.17 - Β£378.33

A high performance, non-opening, triple glazed flat roof skylight - manufactured by Custom Rooflights LTD.

β€’ Excellent thermal efficiency with a U-value of 0.6 w/m 

β€’ Toughened glazing with increased noise reduction. 

β€’ Compliant with local building control regulations. 

β€’ Optional timber rebated kerb to house the rooflight.

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These Flat Roof Skylights boast a range of benefits:

β€’ Triple Glazed with 6mm toughened self-cleaning glass

β€’ U Value of only 0.6 W/m - Around 40% better performing than most building regulation requirements

β€’ Contemporary Black Edged Glass

β€’ Warm edge spacer bar filled with Argon gas

β€’ Suitable for flat and pitched roofs under a 20 degree pitch.

β€’ Optional Timber Frame to house the glass.

β€’ Quick Delivery - Check our deliveries section for specific information

Size Specifications:

β€’ Structural opening size – 600mm x 1500mm

β€’ Internal Glass Size – 640mm x 1540mm

β€’ External Glass Size – 800mm x 1700mm

Glass build up:

β€’ 6mm clear toughened glass which is self-cleaning

β€’ 16mm warm edge spacer bar filled with Argon Gas

β€’ 4mm toughened clear soft coat Low E glass

β€’ 16mm warm edge spacer bar filled with Argon Gas

β€’ 4mm toughened clear soft coat Low E glass

β€’ BSEN12150C1*CE

Natural Daylight in your Space!

Your Triple Glazed Rooflights are to be installed as per the manufacturers guidelines, in line with installation guidelines - seen here.

You can also find downloads of the manufacturers guidelines in the tabs menu.

Safety & Handling:

When it comes to choosing a rooflight for your property, safety & handling is an important factor. With this in mind, all units are made from toughened soft coat (Low E) glass with an overall thickness of 46mm.
When handling the skylight there are a few things to remember:

β€’ Depending on the size of the skylight, your unit may be quite heavy: Use the necessary amount of persons required to safely handle the skylight, which will include handling & offloading from delivery. Use proper lifting technique. Do not take risks, we cannot be liable for any personal injury resulting from handling of the skylights.
β€’ Once removed from the packaging, unless installing straight away, lay the glass flat on a soft surface
β€’ Do not lay the glass on hot surfaces
β€’ Do not lay the glass on hot surfaces or rest the glass on its edges
β€’ For our larger skylights when carrying flat, support the middle of the glass to stop any flex - suction cups or mechanical aids may be required - trained persons only.

  • How efficient are the skylights?
    The triple-glazed glass for the Flat Roof Skylight Range has a U-Value of just 0.6 W/m2K. This impressive thermal efficiency is compliant with building control standards.
  • How safe are the skylights?
    The triple glazed unit consists of 6mm toughened self-cleaning glass, a 16mm warm edge spacer unit, filled with Argon & a 4mm toughened, clear, soft coat e glass. These combine to make a very safe and durable skylight. Safety in handling and installation, including the correct use of PPE should always be prioritised.
  • How should I handle the skylights?
    Firstly, you should calculate the weight (grams) of the glass by using the method in an FAQ down below. You should then make a reasonable judgement about the number of personal required to safely lift the glass up and into position. Safety boots, safety gloves, steel toecaps and safety goggles are a must. Depending on the size and weight, you may need to consider the mechanical aid of something such as genie lift, cherry picker or crane – utilising safe packaging and support of the glass during transit. Some installers consider using various suction cups to safely transport the glass. Ensure trained operators only on lifting devices and experience individuals on using the correct suction cups.
  • Can the skylight be damaged?
    Yes, although the glass is triple glazed, durable and toughened. There is potential for damage including a scratch or break. When you are transporting your glass, use correct support packaging and loading the glass on any corners. Spread the weight as much as possible during handling.
  • Can you offer a bespoke size?
    Yes, we can supply bespoke skylights, subject to the size required. These can take longer to manufacture (a minimum of 10 working days) so please allow ample time if considering this option. We would require your internal structural opening size and notice if a different rebated timber kerb is required, other than the standard provided. Note bespoke sizes will incur an additional cost compared to similar β€˜off-the-shelf’ sizes.
  • Do you sell or fit blinds for the skylights?
    Unfortunately, we don’t sell blinds. These will need to be sourced from your local blind supplier or online. If in the Lincolnshire area, we can put you in touch with a reputable Thomas Sanderson Surveyor, a premium blinds manufacturer.
  • Do you offer an installation service
    Typically we do not offer an installation service. However, if you are located near our business location in Lincolnshire: Depending on the job requirements, our Lincs Group LTD team with over 30 years experience may be able to provide this service. Please note, our team only works with EPDM rubber flashing when installing these on flat roofs. A clear and handy installation guide is provided for a self installation service however, and we’re happy to answer any of your questions in regard to installation of the rooflights.
  • Can I collect my skylight?
    Unfortunately collections are currently unavailable.
  • Do you do next day delivery on skylights?
    At the moment, we do not offer next day deliveries. Our current estimated delivery time is 2-3 working days, depending on your location in the UK & the size of your skylight. We will update you within reasonable time of the actual day of delivery, so you have time to arrange someone to receive and sign the delivery.
  • What is the delivery time of the skylights?
    Depending on your location, we aim to deliver all of our orders between 2-3 working days (excluding the large category of skylights). Check out our delivery zone charge and ETA delivery table for more info.
  • What warranty is available on the skylights?
    All of the Flat Roof Skylights come with a 20-year manufacturer's warranty for the sealed unit only.
  • What is the weight of the glass?
    To weight of each glass unit is available on your order or each product description. If for some reason you can’t locate this: Calculate the weight of the glass: First, calculate the external size of the glass by adding 200mm the width and length of your internal measurement. (a 600 x 600 mm skylight becomes 800 x 800mm). Then multiply these external measurements x 0.037 to get the weight in grams. See below example: A 600mm x 600mm skylight (internal measurement) has an external measure of 800mm x 800mm Therefore; 800 x 800 (640,000) x 0.037 = 23,680g. (23.68kg).
  • What is the external size of the glass?
    All of our glass is made in the same way so to get the external measurement just add 200mm to the width and length. For example, a 1000mm x 1000mm externally would be 1200mm x 1200mm.
  • How is the skylight secured to the timber kerb?
    You must use a high-quality low modulus silicone adhesive to bond the glass to the timber kerb. The silicon is applied to both the top of the kerb and the rebated section of the kerb, with the silicon thickness being uneven to create an even β€˜bed’. We advise CT1 as a prime example. This will bond the glass to the kerb as well as create a watertight seal.
  • What size upstand or kerb do I need?
    If you are using the optional timber rebated kerbs provided with your skylight, see below: Your own upstand needs to be 70mm x 80mm (width x height). The rebated timber kerb supplied then fixes on top of your kerb, mechanically fixed with no proud fixings (important). If you are not using our kerb and are creating your own, it is best to refer to our fitting guide β€˜Flat Roof Skylight Guide when using your own Kerb'.
  • What size is the optional timber kerb supplied?
    Our timber kerb is 70mm x 70mm, with the top section being partially rebated for the glass to sit in. You will need your own timber kerb for this to stop on and mechanically secure to. The minimum total kerb height is 150mm from the decking/joists and the top of the timber kerb.
  • What do the sizes you quote represent?
    All our advertised sizes are internal structural opening sizes. These are also known as joist to joist (internally) or reveal measurements.
  • Are the rooflights safe to walk on?
    No, though all of our skylights are made with toughened glass throughout, it is not safe to walk on.
  • How do I place a rooflight order?
    Ordering a rooflight with us couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is select the rooflight product, size and quantity you want before selecting β€˜buy now’. Our secure payment gateway will then walk you through payment and delivery options.
  • Do the rooflights open?
    No, all skylights supplied are fixed and non-opening. For Flat Roof Skylights, this is the best way to eliminate the change of potential leaks (when installed correctly), and offer a highly competitive price.
  • How should I maintain my skylights?
    The Flat Roof Skylights are made with self-cleaning glass, which does reduce the maintenance required. However, to keep your skylight clean and fresh, we advise, if safe to do so, to manually clean them quarterly. Harsh chemicals and abrasive tools are not required. A cloth and warm soapy water or glass cleaner is your best option.
  • Do I need a slope or fall on my skylight?
    Yes, you need a minimum gradient of 1 in 40. This can also be calculated as 40mm for every 1000mm run of your skylight; or 1.5 degress. This fall run will usually be on your shortest edge and towards the gutter edge of your roof. Alternatively, there is a maximum pitch. We do not advise installing over a 22 degree pitch due to potential wind uplift. As a general rule, we advise a 5 degree slope on your glass to stop water from pooling on your glass.

Processing the order:

Orders placed before 12pm midday are generally processed the same day, occasionally the next day. Orders placed after midday are processed the next working day. Orders placed on the weekend or bank holidays, will be processed the next working day.

After your order has been processed, we will provide a dispatch notice, including an intended delivery date. You will also receive an email copy of the fitting guide - which is also available in our installation guides.


The delivery time of the Triple Glazed Rooflights may depend on the buyers location. Typically deliveries take 2-3 days. For larger units (width or length at least 2m), further from the manufacturers location, delivery may be 3-5 business days. Your dispatch notice, or follow up email, will clarify this.

The delivery of your skylight will be carefully packaged & delivered via a courtier network. You must be present for the delivery, & be prepared with the necessary person(s) to assist the lifting of the skylight. 

Your delivery is kerbside only. Not all courier trucks include tail lifts & pallet trolleys. All items are checked diligently & signed off before being sent for delivery. It is mandatory to be present for delivery to inspect your products & sign delivery notes.

Please see the below delivery price categories depending on location:


Depending on the size of the skylight, your unit may be quite heavy: Use the necessary amount of persons required to safely handle the skylight, which will include handling & offloading from delivery. Use proper lifting technique. Do not take risks, we cannot be liable for any personal injury resulting from handling of the skylights.