Elevate Bonding Adhesive

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An Elevate solvent based bonding adhesive (BA 2012), designed for use with both RubberCover™ and RubberGard™ EPDM roofing systems. 

• Available in 10L, 5L, & 2.5L

• Coverage rate approximately 3m2 per Litre

• Excellent adhesion of the EPDM Rubber Membrane to a variety of surfaces

• Suitable for domestic & commercial applications

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The ElevateTM RubberCover Bonding Adhesive BA-2012 is a solvent-based contact adhesive, designed specifically for bonding membranes to approved insulations in addition to wood, metal, masonry and other acceptable substrates. It is suitable for both domestic & commercial applications. 

• Base Blend of synthetic rubbers 

• Green in colour 

• Solvents Naphtha, Cyclohexane, Propylacetate, Butanone 

Approximate Coverage:

10L Bonding Adhesive: 30sqm 

5L Bonding Adhesive: 15sqm

2.5L Bonding Adhesive: 7.5sqm


• Store vertical in original unopened pails at moderate temperatures (15°C - 25°C) in a dry, well-ventilated area. 

• Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flame.

• If necessary, use an insulated box to maintain the product at moderate temperatures during transport to the job site, before and during application. This will assure the appropriate viscosity, efficiency, and performance of the adhesive. 

• Shelf Life 12 months can be expected if stored in the above-mentioned conditions. Verify production date on each pail. 

• Shelf life will be reduced if exposed to higher temperatures. Shelf life information is only a recommendation and not a fact of life. The real expiration date highly depends on the history of storage and handling of the accessories. Once opened, use within 48 hours. 


• Make sure that the pail is empty before disposal. Adhesive cannot be disposed in drains. 

• Dispose content and/or pail in accordance with national regulations. Precautions Refer to Safety Data Sheet. 

• Flammable. Keep away from possible ignition sources during storage and use. Do not smoke when using. 

• For professional use only. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Keep pail closed when not in use. 

• Avoid prolonged inhalation and contact with skin and eyes. Do not contaminate with foreign materials. 

• Keep out of reach of children. 

Note on coverage: Some surfaces are more uneven and porous and will result in lower coverage rates, while smoother substrates are less porous and will, therefore, result in higher rates. Very porous substrates (rough wood, concrete block) may require an additional coat of Bonding Adhesive BA-2012 to ensure proper adhesion. This can be determined by adhering a small piece of membrane to the substrate and verify its bonding strength. 

• Elevate Bonding Adhesive can be used to Bond your Rubber membrane to a variety of surfaces, as well as your timber decking. This can include other wood surfaces, brickwork, stone (masonry), metal, & other suitable surfaces.

• The Bonding Adhesive is applied to both the surface & the folded back EPDM, which will mate to your surface. This provides a much stronger bond, though note, corrections are much harder (unlike the waterbased adhesive), so care must be taken when mating to ensure no wrinkles, creasing, or air pockets. 

• You will need a 4'' or 9'' Roller Frame & sleeve, plus an Extension Roller for the application of the adhesive, which is designed to bond your EPDM to your timber deck surface only.

More can be found in the installation guides, but to summarise:

STEP 1. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of dust and other small particles. Sweep clean, use a either leaf blower, or other suitable method to remove any stubborn areas.

STEP 2. Fold back your EPDM approximately half-way. Then apply and even coverage of the Elevate Bonding Adhesive, avoiding areas of accumulation onto the mating surfaces.  Apply about the same time onto both surfaces to be adhered, in order to allow approximately the same drying time. 

Step 3: Allow the adhesive to flash off until tacky (time depending on ambient air conditions) before mating the surfaces. Test the adhesive for its dryness, using the touch-push test procedure.

Step 4: Mate the membrane with the surface, neatly smoothing into place. Note that once mating has been done, it is difficult to correct any bubbles, or wrinkles etc - so take care to mate evenly & straight, smoothing out as you go. 

STEP 5. Smooth down with a soft brush or EPDM roller to remove any air pockets, bubbles and creases. Repeat for the remaining half.

Additional notes:

• Note Application temperatures may vary between 5°C and 35°C. 

• At temperatures below 10°C, the adhesive may become too cold, while at temperatures above 35°C the membrane surface may become too hot and will shorten significantly the drying process. 

• If a correction is to be made & the EPDM needs pulling back up, more Bonding Adhesive will need to be applied as the performance will have been affected. It is normal for the EPDM to be difficult to pull back up due to the strength of the bond.

• Some surfaces are more uneven and porous and will result in lower coverage rates, while smoother substrates are less porous and will, therefore, result in higher rates. Very porous substrates (rough wood, concrete block) may require an additional coat of Bonding Adhesive BA-2012 to ensure proper adhesion. This can be determined by adhering a small piece of membrane to the substrate and verify its bonding strength.

  • What is the difference between waterbased adhesive & bonding adhesive?
    Waterbased adhesive (AKA deck adhesive), is more suited to timber adhesion, such as ply & OSB. The adhesive is applied to the deck only, not the underside of the EPDM, & is mated immediately while wet. Due to the slower curing nature of the adhesive, so much so that when applying to a large deck surface area, it allows for the correction of mistakes when laying the EPDM, before the adhesive fully cures. Bonding adhesive is a much stronger adhesive, more typically used for bonding EPDM to other surfaces (including timber), but also to verticals, upstands and brickwork – allowing a stronger hold. Bonding Adhesive is applied to the surface & EPDM, & is mated once tacky or touch-dry. Bonding Adhesive is also the more commercially viable option & is installed inline with the Elevate Rubbergard system.
  • How do I know when then adhesive is ready to stick the rubber to the surface?
    Complete what is called a 'touch-test'. When you touch the adhesive on the EPDM and/or the mating surface, it should be tacky & not pull away from the surface. This means it is still too liquified & needs to cure longer. This varies in different temperatures.
  • What happens if I lay the membrane wrong with the bonding adhesive?
    Mistakes and bubbles are harder to correct with a bonding adhesive, as it's a stronger bond than the waterbased deck adhesive. If you need to pull the EPDM back to relay, you will need to reapply some adhesive, as will have lost some of it's performance.
  • Can bonding adhesive be used instead of waterbased adhesive?
    Yes. Bonding adhesive is generally more suited if there it is a large commercial project, in line with Elevate Rubbergard, or a steeped pitch to the roof, such as a shed roof. This is because it cures much quicker & with a stronger bond. If the temperature is to drop below 5 degrees (but not freezing), then the bonding adhesive can provide a better long-term finish. If the above reasons don't apply, then waterbased deck adhesive should be the preferred method, provided the EPDM is being bonded to a timber base.
  • Can I stick Elevate Flashing down with bonding adhesive?
    No. You must use Elevate Quickprime Plus to prime the EPDM & surface your seaming product will adhere to. The waterbased deck adhesive or bonding adhesive is not suitable for this.

We strongly advise reading our Deliveries & Returns information, to fully understand the delivery of your item(s). 

To summarise, see below:

Order Processing:

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Notes on the delivery of Elevate EPDM:

If you order EPDM with your items, the rubber will be delivered rolled up for ease of transport. As a result there may be some fold creases and wrinkles - this is normal. To remedy this, the EPDM should be laid to rest, or settle, for a minimum of 1 hour. In colder temperatures, the light use of a heat gun (not a naked flame) can be used to settle the rubber. Don't overheat or touch directly.

Starting your project:

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