Elevate Quickprime Plus

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A high quality Elevate primer. 

• Designed to prime your EPDM and adjoining surface, for the watertight application of your chosen Quickseam flashing or seam tape. 

• Used in conjunction with your Quickscrub Fleece & Holder.

•  Available in 0.5L & 1L sizes.

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Elevate Quickprime Plus is designed to clean and prime the EPDM membrane prior to application of Quickseam products. Quickprime Plus must be applied with a Quickscrubber Fleece and Handle.


• Thinning is not allowed. The following approximate coverage rates can be achieved Per Litre of Quickprime Plus,

• Seam with 3" seam tape = 15 linear m - 2 sides

• 6" batten cover strip = 8 linear m - 1 side

• 5" Flashing Tape = 10 linear m - 1 side

• 9" Formflash = 4 linear m - 1 side 


• Flammable, keep away from sources of ignition. Do not smoke when using. For professional & competent/experienced DIY'er only. Use only in well ventilated areas. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


• Store in original containers at temperatures between 15 - 25 degrees. Keep the material out of direct sunlight until ready for application.

• Shelf life - 12 months, when stored in above mentioned conditions, shelf life will be reduced if exposed to colder or higher temperatures.

The application of Quickprime Plus is used in combination with Quickseam Products to provide a water-tight seal to your necessary EPDM areas. The Primer is not a waterproof adhesive.

More information is available in our installation guides, but to summarise:


Surfaces to be primed must be clean, dry and free of foreign materials, talc and dirt. Pre-cleaning may be required. Stir Quickprime Plus thoroughly before and during use. When exposed to lower temperatures for a prolonged period of time, restore to room temperature prior to use. Take significant care not to spill.


• Apply Quickprime Plus to the EPDM membrane & necessary surface with your Quickscub Handle & Fleece. 

• Use long back and forth strokes with moderate to heavy pressure along the length of the area. 

• Continue until surfaces become dark grey in colour (no streaking or puddling). 

• Factory seams require parallel as well as perpendicular application motions along the factory seam. 

• Allow the primed surfaces to dry completely according to the touch-push test (usually less than 10 minutes) before applying Quickseam products (3" seam tape, 6" batten cover strip, 9" formflash etc). 

• When applying your chosen Quickseam Flashing, smooth into place slowly, so as to minimise air pockets. 

• Once adhered, work into place with your Silicone Rubber Roller and/or Penny Roller.

  • Can I use a paintbrush to apply the primer?
    Yes. It is important to note however, that the quickscrub holder & fleece, is designed to slightly key the surface, allowing a better bond when adhering the flashing. However, on occasions when area's are difficult to access with the holder & fleece, a brush will suffice.
  • What do I do if spill the primer?
    Pooling of the primer on the EPDM can cause bubbling and stain the EPDM. Whilst this will not affect the performance, if not spread as required, or cleaned, it will damage the aesthetics if not immediately cleaned up. Once accidentally spilled, immediately restrict the damage by stopping spread and mopping up all excess liquid. Then using a suitable cleaner such as aerosol spray, wonder wipes or splice wash, thoroughly clean the EPDM. You may need to gently scrub some remaining primer once dried. If the primer is spilled onto another surface, apply above advice, though note if the surface is porous it may cause permanent damage or staining.
  • Can the primer be used to bond the EPDM down?
    No. Waterbased deck adhesive is to be used for bonding your rubber membrane to the timber deck, & bonding adhesive is to be used to bond the EPDM to other surfaces & verticals.

We strongly advise reading our Deliveries & Returns information, to fully understand the delivery of your item(s). 

To summarise, see below:

Order Processing:

Orders for Flat Roofing Items placed before 12pm midday, are generally processed for dispatch the same day. Orders placed after midday will be processed next day. Orders placed on bank holidays or weekends will be processed the next working day. A member of our team will update you via the contact information provided.


After dispatch, your order will generally be delivered the next working day. Do note, if you order other roofing trims with your items, these may be delivered separately due to the length of the trims & courier service guidelines.

The delivery of your items will be carefully packaged (particularly liquids), signed off, & will be delivered via a courtier network. We strongly advise being present for delivery to inspect your products, check liquids, & sign delivery notes. Additionally, not all courier service trucks have tail lifts, or pallet trolleys. Please be prepared with the necessary person(s) to take delivery of your items, necessary for the size of the order. Depending on the size of items ordered, they may be heavy - use proper lifting technique, we cannot be held liable for any personal injury resulting from the delivery or use of the ordered items.

Notes on the delivery of Elevate EPDM:

If you order EPDM with your items, the rubber will be delivered rolled up for ease of transport. As a result there may be some fold creases and wrinkles - this is normal. To remedy this, the EPDM should be laid to rest, or settle, for a minimum of 1 hour. In colder temperatures, the light use of a heat gun (not a naked flame) can be used to settle the rubber. Don't overheat or touch directly.

Starting your project:

We advise not booking in or arranging an installation team to begin works before the goods have been delivered & inspected. Delays or order mistakes are rare, but can happen. We can't be liable for any costs as a result from delayed or incorrect delivery or items.