Emergancy roof repair

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A 5kg tin of liquid acrylic solution, ready to use & apply direct to your area for waterproofing in a single coat. 

• Covers approximately 2.5-5 square meters.

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A 5kg tin of Emergency Roof Repair. A liquid acrylic solution developed for fast and easy repairs to a range of roof surfaces. Fibres provide additional strength for instant waterproofing.

• Fast and easy to apply  -  Ready to use, straight from the tin  -  Waterproofs instantly in one coat

• Coverage approximately 2.5-5m2. Applied using a clean to brush to a prepared range of surfaces.:

• EPDM  -  Felt  -  Concrete  -  Metal  -  Bituminous Coatings  -  Timber

Safety and Storage:

• Store in a cool, dry environment and do not allow to freeze.

• Keep out of the reach of children and pets

• Keep away from naked flames

• Wear gloves and appropriate clothing when applying the product and follow safety guidelines for Working at Height

• Firmly replace the lid after use

• Stir well before use and wear suitable eye protection. If the product gets into the eyes, seek medical assistance.

Depending on the nature of the repair, you a few items for application:

Paintbrush  -  Broom or handheld household brush  -  Scraping tool (if needed for a crack repair)  -  Sharp work knife (if needed to cut away torn felt or membrane)  -  Stirrer (such as those that fit onto a power drill)

• First prepare the area and assess the repair. Use a brush or broom to sweep the area clear of dirt, dust and debris. Scrape out any dirt from cracks and ensure the area is clean - this is important. 

• Cut away, if necessary, loose, damaged roofing material from the immediate area, but take care not to damage it further.

• Once the area is clear and the damage carefully assessed, thoroughly stir the product for a few minutes until fully mixed. For best results use a stirrer attachment to a power drill.

• Apply with a paintbrush to the affected area.

• The product cures quickly and provides instant waterproofing in just one coat, even if it rains shortly after application. It provides a reliable seal for the long term if correctly applied or can be used for a temporary repair if the damage is more serious and requires a professional assessment.

• Follow the preparation and application guidelines according to the manufacturer instructions for the best results.

  • What colour is the emergency repair liquid
    The colour of the Emergency Repair is a shade of grey.
  • Does the surface have to be dry to apply the emergency roof repair?
    The emergency roof repair will still adhere to damp areas, but not to puddling. The surface must be clean though.
  • What is the coverage rate of the emergency roof repair?
    Coverage rates for a 5kg tin are approximately 2.5-5m2.

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