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Price: Β£2200.00 - Β£3800.00

The Possibilities are Endless! These easy-to-construct modular buildings have a range of uses, & an even greater range of benefits. 

The Modular Buildings have a selection of four CAD designed off-the-shelf sizes, with the option on this range, to get in touch with our team to make the room truly bespoke:

β€’ Add additional panels to the length for a larger size

β€’ Add more door, window or skylight openings

β€’ Add pillars or other features - make the room truly bespoke.

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The Steel Frame Modular Buildings, are a range of steel structures, all at 3m width, with options for differing lengths. 

If a more bespoke design is required, you can get in touch with a member of our team, who will be happy to discuss what unique features you'd like for your room.

These changes can include:

β€’ Adding panels and roof beams for extra Length (width stays at 3m)

β€’ Add more door, window or skylight openings

β€’ Create interior walls to increase the number of rooms

β€’ Add a floor base (note this may take the overall height beyond permitted development)

β€’ Add pillar features for some more aesthetic features


β€’ A CAD designed pre-fabricated structure, built within 0.5mm accuracy.

β€’ Galvanised Steel, made from 60% recycled steel, & fully recyclable if dismantled.

β€’ 50 year plus life expectancy

β€’ Finished frame height when not using a steel base of 2450mm to keep within planning.

β€’ Door opening sizes on all four 'off-the-shelf' are 3010mm. Door heights are 2100mm across all Steel Framed Rooms.

The range of Steel Framed Structures are an excellent, long-lasting structure, designed to be erected as an exterior building - for whatever use you desire!

Your Steel Framed structure will be delivered in kit form, with pre-fabricated panels ready to put together (like a puzzle). 

Fixings & installation instructions will also be provided.

Your installation team will be responsible for the base, the interior & exterior makeup, & the roof finish - only the structure is included, there is no base unless specifically requested as an extra, as to keep within permitted development height. A base can be purchased separately if required.

We have a number of guides & advice available on how to install & compliment your new space.

  • How long does a steel framed building last?
    The steel framed structure has a life expectancy of 50 years minimum. Other fixtures on your building may have different lifespans, such as windows etc.
  • Is a steel framed garden room better than a timber frame?
    Yes, a steel framed garden building is better than a timber frame in almost every way. It is however, more expensive – at least initially, as the longer life-span can provide a saving long-term.
  • Are they made-to-measure or bespoke?
    There are a range of standard sizes. However, if you require a bespoke design to realize your vision, get in touch with our team & we’ll be happy to discuss your project with you to provide to design you need.
  • What type of foundation does a steel framed building need?
    There are many options, such as the French PEG system, Plinth foundation, Ground Screws, or the traditional concrete base. Provided yourself or the installer is sufficiently competent in one of these, & takes into account the use of your room, any would suffice. Personally, our team prefers the traditional insulation concrete base, as exemplified in our sub-base installation guide.
  • How long does it take to build the steel structure?
    All your items come labelled with the correct fixings & a manual. Once you are set-up, your structure can be put together in a matter of hours. You can then focus on roof, exterior & interior finish.
  • Are Steel Framed Garden Rooms Expensive?
    The value of a steel framed building is subjective to each individual. In terms of long-term value from a steel framed building though, it is a worthwhile investment, with the initial outlay allowing for enjoyment of your new spaces for decades to follow. The personal choice of the dΓ©cor can affect the costs significantly, ranging from the installation of Bi-folds, to surrounding patio & interior design.
  • What do you install on the outside of the steel building?
    We advise a cladding style system, secured to treated timber battens on top of a breathable membrane. Typically this is UPVC or composite, which is available in a range of colours to suit each persons preference. This provides a low-maintenance, cost-effective, modern & long-lasting finish.
  • What does the inside of the steel framed building look like?
    Really, it can look however your creative mind decides. Usually though, people go for traditional plastered walls & ceiling, with your choice of flooring and joinery finishes (skirting boards etc). Once you’ve decided what your new space will be for, you’ll know more about how you want your interior finish to be. This could be office space, needing sufficient sockets, or a gym, needing protective flooring for example.
  • Do you provide an installation service?
    If you are within the Lincolnshire area, get in touch & we can provide you with a quotation for supply & installation. If you are outside this area, if you’re not a competent DIY’er, we recommend contacting a local tradesperson, or we can point you in the right direction (depending on location).
  • What is the difference between Steel Framed Buildings & Steel Framed Modular?
    The Steel Framed Buildings are all CAD designed, prefabricated structures. They can't be modified or changed. The Steel Framed Modular Buildings also have four prefabricated structures, but our team can also personalise this style of room, to make the Length larger, add more openings & extra panels for interior walls.
  • How long does it take to deliver the Steel Framed Rooms
    If the items are in stock, delivery is typically 3-5 days. If the items are out of stock, but are still one of the prefabricated CAD sizes, manufacturing & delivery is typically 2-3 weeks. Bespoke modular rooms with extra features will vary depending on liaising between client and supplier, as well as some additional CAD designing & manufacturing.

Processing the order:

After your order has been placed, a member of our team will process it, & provide a dispatch notice, including an estimated delivery date. Sometimes delivery may take 2-3 weeks & so a member of our team will provide any updates when necessary.


The delivery of your steel framed building will arrive in kit-form, with everything prefabricated ready to put together. For buildings which are not currently in stock, or none 'off-the-shelf' items, delivery will take approximately 2-3 weeks to be manufactured & delivered. 'Off-the-shelf' items & in stock ready, will take approximately 3-5 days for delivery.

The delivery of your steel framed building will be carefully packaged & will be delivered via a courtier network. You must be present for the delivery, & be prepared with the necessary person(s) to assist the lifting of the delivery. Not all courier trucks include tail lifts & pallet trolleys. 

Your delivery will be kerbside only. All items are checked diligently & signed off before being sent for delivery. It is therefore mandatory to be present for delivery to inspect your products & sign delivery notes.


Some of the prefabricated panels may be heavy: Use the necessary amount of persons required to safely handle the items, which will include handling & offloading from delivery. Use proper lifting technique. Do not take risks, we cannot be liable for any personal injury resulting from handling of the delivery.

Starting the project:

We strongly advise not arranging any contractors/team members to begin works before the delivery has been completed & items inspected. Sometimes delays are unavoidable & we cannot be held responsible for any losses resulting from delayed delivery. Note: Preparing a level concrete base for example, before starting the project, is a good idea.