Upvc 2-Part gutter trim 2.5m x 65mm

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A uniquely designed 2-part rubber roofing trim for your gutter edge. Traps the EPDM in place and kicks rainwater into your gutter. 

• 65mm x 2500mm 

• Available in Black & Anthracite Grey.

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• A 2500mm long, 2-part roofing edge trim, used along the gutter edge. A unique and patented design which sandwiches the EPDM roofing membrane between the front and back plate.

• The back plate only, must be installed prior to the membrane, with top of the backplate flush with the deck. The EPDM will overhang the backplate 50mm, & the front plate is then pushed under the hook of the back plate, with the membrane between the two, this will then clip into place to form a smooth finish.

• Extruded using virgin plastic ensuring colour fast, non brittle, identical profiles. Manufactured BSI Quality assured to 99.9% accuracy.

• Available in Black & Anthracite Grey.

The application of this 2-part roofing edge trim, is designed to allow water water run-off on your gutter edge. More info can be found in the installation guides, but to summarise, see below:

• Identify water run-off edges. Place the Backplate in position, with the top just shy of your deck height (allowing run-off), & secure in place with fixings spaced every 500mm.

• Drape excess rubber over, & cut the excess down to 50mm (don't trim EPDM before installing the backplate)

• Install the front plate. The top underhooks the top of the backplate, traps the membrane between the plates, with the bottom clipping into position. 

• Use the palm of your hand or a clean glazing hammer to assist clipping in the bottom.

• Install any joins, fixings on seams, & corners as required & seen in the installation guides.

Note: If in colder temperatures, or using 1.52mm Premium EPDM, the fit may be quite tight. We advise using a gentle heat source like a heat gun to warm up the EPDM & trim (don't overheat)

  • Can I use my own roofing edge trims?
    Of course, whilst we do advise our roofing edge trims as they're specifically designed for purpose, there are other options available, or you can create something bespoke. So long as you follow the principles of Gutter & Kerb edges for necessary water run-off into your guttering system, & don't cut the EPDM overhang too short, you're good to go!
  • Will the colour fade over time?
    Yes, slightly. Like most external material use, including UPVC, the combination of UV exposer & external elements will slightly affect the colour over time. This will not affect performance.
  • Do I still need fascia if I use roofing edge trims?
    That depends. Your roofing edge trims cover 65mm vertically. This may be enough to lap onto any existing fascia. However, if this is not enough, or you are fitting your trims to a new roof - yes - you will need some cover fascia, which needs to be installed before your trims.
  • Do I need timber battens?
    No, you don't need any timber battens with our roofing edge trims. These can be installed to a flush roof edge.
  • Does the 2-part drip trim work with the Premium 1.52mm EPDM?
    Yes, both sizes of Elevate EPDM (1.14 & 1.52) work with the Upvc 2-part trim, & our installation team has been using this for nearly 20-years. However, due to the small difference in thickness of the 1.52mm, this will be a tighter fit. This may be exacerbated in colder temperatures, or on a factory seamed joint. We recommend using a gentle heat source such as a heat gun on the trim to increase suppleness & the EPDM to slightly increase flexibility. Don't overheat or touch directly. Additionally, the EPDM can be encouraged into the underhook of the backplate a few times before actually clipping the face plate in, this will assist the bottom clipping in. Always ensure the backplate is fitted before laying your EPDM, & ensure there is 50mm overhang over the back plate.

We strongly advise reading our Deliveries & Returns information, to fully understand the delivery of your item(s). 

To summarise, see below:

Order Processing:

Orders for Flat Roofing Items placed before 12pm midday, are generally processed for dispatch the same day. Orders placed after midday will be processed next day. Orders placed on bank holidays or weekends will be processed the next working day. A member of our team will update you via the contact information provided.


After dispatch, your order will generally be delivered the next working day. Do note, if you order other items with your roofing edge trims, such as EPDM, these may be delivered separately due to the length of the trims & courier service guidelines.

The delivery of your items will be carefully packaged, signed off, & will be delivered via a courtier network. We strongly advise being present for delivery to inspect your products & sign delivery notes. Additionally, not all courier service trucks have tail lifts, or pallet trolleys. Please be prepared with the necessary person(s) to take delivery of your items, necessary for the size of the order. Depending on the size of items ordered, they may be heavy - use proper lifting technique, we cannot be held liable for any personal injury resulting from the delivery or use of the ordered items.

Notes on the delivery of Elevate EPDM:

If you order EPDM with your trims, the rubber will be delivered rolled up for ease of transport. As a result there may be some fold creases and wrinkles - this is normal. To remedy this, the EPDM should be laid to rest, or settle, for a minimum of 1 hour. In colder temperatures, the light use of a heat gun (not a naked flame) can be used to settle the rubber. Don't overheat or touch directly.

Starting your project:

We advise not booking in or arranging an installation team to begin works before the goods have been delivered & inspected. Delays or order mistakes are rare, but can happen. We can't be liable for any costs as a result from delayed or incorrect delivery or items.