EPDM Shed Roofs

A step-by-step guide to installing your new EPDM shed roof kit.

Firstly, open the contents of your box to check contents. You should have your EPDM membrane, spray bonding adhesive (750ml cans), Sealant & polypins.

Secondly, if you have any timber trims on the exterior you would like to keep & refit. Carefully remove them before installing your EPDM & place to the side.

There is the option to install our roofing edge trims (sold separately). If installing our trims, you need to install the gutter back plate before laying your EPDM - see here.

Step 1: Ensure your roof is prepared. It must by dry, clean and free or debris & proud fixings. See Roof Preparation for some more advice.

Step 2: Lay out your EPDM onto your roof, ensuring correct overlap on all sides, let it settle for at least 1 hour. On occasion, & in colder temperatures, the EPDM folds or creases may be more stubborn. Leave for longer, or you can encourage with a heat gun. Don’t touch nozzle directly to anything and don’t over apply one section for too long.

Step 3: Fold back one half. Using your Firestone Elevate Spray Bonding Adhesive, apply an even coverage to both your EPDM & your decking. 

Once touch-dry, gently smooth your EPDM back into place, avoiding air pockets as you go. Brush out with a soft broom, starting gentle and applying a bit more pressure after. Don’t stretch the EPDM.

Once completed, fold back the other half & repeat the previous step.

Step 4: Trim of your excess EPDM, leaving 50mm overhanging.

Step 5: Using your spray bonding adhesive, once applied & touch-dry, bond your EPDM overhang in place. Take care not to get excess spray on your timber. Pinch the corners together and bond to one side.

Using a protective layer such as carboard can assist in blocking excess spray.

Step 6: Apply a continuous bead of sealant to the back of your new (or previous) trims, & secure in place with either the polypins or your own fastenings, trapping the EPDM to the shed.

Alternatively, you can install our roofing edge trims. Note, if you install our gutter trim, the back plate must be fitted before bonding your EPDM & cutting of the excess down to 50mm.