Internal Corners

A step-by-step guide to an internal corner on your EPDM roof.

Step 1: Your EPDM must first be bonded to your deck as seen in Laying your EPDM.

You then need to bond to you first wall or vertical.

On one side only first, using your Elevate spray bonding adhesive, apply an even coverage to your wall or vertical, EPDM, & wall chase if applicable. 

Once touch-dry, smoothly mate the two together, starting at the bottom & work your way upwards. Work in with your Silicone Rubber Roller.

Step 2: On your second side (other side of the internal corner). Repeat step 1 but with the following change:

At the bottom of your internal corner, draw a 45 degree angle up, & outwards. Before you mate together the fold (once adhesive is touch-dry), you will note you have some excess EPDM material, which needs folding in a β€˜pigs ear’ effect.

This excess material will be mated together & folded along your 45 degree line.

Step 3: Your β€˜ear’ will now need mating to the wall also. Neatly apply your Firestone Elevate Bonding Adhesive to your wall or vertical, EPDM, & the inside of the β€˜ear’ EPDM. Mate together once touch-dry, & work in with your Silicon Rubber Roller.

Step: 4: If applicable, cut the EPDM which will work into your wall chase down to approx. 15-20mm & tuck into your chase once your bonding adhesive has been applied & touch dry.

Step 5: You may need to apply some quick seam flashing over your internal corner if for example, it laps onto another flat surface, or you needed to cut your EPDM, to encourage the rubber into your wall chase.

Prime your area with the Quickprimer Plus, then once touch-dry, install your quick seam flashing – using your Silicone Rubber Roller and Penny Roller.

Step 6: If applicable, now install your wall trim, as seen in steps 6 & 7 in EPDM to walls or verticals.