Door Defence

When people think of flooding, one of the pictures that first come to mind, is water breaching or pouring through the doorway, violating the sanctity of home & safety.

It's not unusual then, that doorway protection is one of the most important considerations for Property Level Protection (PLP)

Flood Doors & Barriers

Your bespoke doorway protection can come in the form of Floor Barriers or Boards (reactive), or Flood Doors (passive). 

Reactive meaning physical deployment of the barrier in a flood event - Passive being automatic protection as long as the door is maintained & the handle is engaged.

As installers of both M3 Floodtec and Lakeside Flood Solutions products, we have full access to their certified range of doorway products, including: upvc, composite and timber flood doors; flood windows; steel and fire flood doors; flood gates; flood walls; and demountable flood barriers.

M3 Floodtec Flood Doors

The Flood Defender Door is a highly engineered flood defence product. Visually and functionally, in non flood conditions, the door performs as a β€˜standard’ PVC door.

The door features a number of sophisticated internal components enabling the door to mitigate against rising flood waters up to a height of 600mm.

The Flood Defender Door can be manufactured as a bespoke item to a variety of widths and heights, and can incorporate both fully glazed panels as well as full or part PVC panels. Widths beyond a double patio door size can be incorporated by the inclusion of PVC or glazed side panels.

Why Choose M3 Floodtec Doors? 

Some of the features include:

  • A** thermal rated

  • Tested up to 600mm high

  • Numerous door options and styles of glass/furniture, colours, patio/double doors and adjoining windows.

  • Potential reduction on home insurance when M3 floodtec products are installed.

Lakeside Flood Doors

The Lakeside Flood Doors, like M3 Food Tech, are available in upvc and composite, but also with a Fire, Steel and Flood option for commercial and safety requirements. Both the upvc and composite range have the following product features: 

  • Manufactured and tested to 600mm high at PAS 1188-1

  • Bespoke gasket arrangement

  • Reinforced galvanised steel frame and door sash

  • Laminated triple glazed glass (composite only)

  • Upvc and composite options

  • Multiple glass and furniture options.

Lakeside Steel and Fire Flood Doors

The Lakeside Steel and Fire Flood doors offer robust protection against both fire and flood. They are designed and manufactured to the highest specification, which allows protection of the full door height. The single and double door options have the following features:

  • High security multi-point locking mechanism with hinged seal covers to defend against vandalism.

  • 5mm thick galvanised steel

  • Blast rating category 1

  • Fire rating BS EN 1634-1:2000 (264 minutes of flame

  • Powder coated RAL colours available

Lakeside Flood Barriers

The leading demountable flood barrier system; provides a lightweight, quick and simple flood protection solution for all premises. It has the option to protect single doorways, or larger openings such as driveways due to its modular nature and ability to utilise mid and corner posts. There is no height or width limit as a result of this. Also, due to the interlocking design, there are no user tools required to deploy the barriers, making it fast and easy to use. Some other key features include:

β€’ Lightweight aluminium design

β€’ U-shaped ground channel allows for a continuous watertight seal

β€’ 2 year guarantee and tested up to 2.1m

  • Suitable applications to domestic, commercial and industrial properties

M3 Flood Barriers

The M3 range of flood barriers offer a lightweight yet strong system, with fixings options that are very minimal in comparison to systems which use rails. This quick and easily deployable method is done by fixing nutserts into the existing wooden or upvc frame. The barrier when deployed, then uses bolts which line up with the nutserts to crank tight and compress the neoprene rubber seals.


Budget can often be an issue, as although the cost of being flooded is dramatically higher than flood protection, it is still not a cheap endeavour to mitigate your home. 

If protection via doors or barriers is beyond budget, or if you have multiple door entries & some are more important; FloodSax, the sand bag alternative is a good back-up measure. 

Whilst not as effective as the barriers or doors, FloodSax can still self-inflate around your door entry to limit flood water entering your property, at a cheaper cost. This is more effective if the flooding is tidal or in short duration (the longer the flood duration, more will seep through to level out). See FloodSax in our shop for more information.