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A 110mm Pushfit Non-Return Valve, designed to fit onto your existing pipe to defend against backflow of flood water and waste, as well as defending against rodent & vermin ingress.

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• Flap valves and drainage flap valves are made from polypropylene of the highest quality with a supplemented regulator which increases the resistance to sunbeams as well as other atmospheric factors.

• A market novelty, it is a specially constructed drainage flap valve which protects drainage installations against backward flooding and silting do to increasing water levels above the drainage level

• The drainage flap valve is installed directly onto the end of a drainage pipe leading to the drainage ditch or a drainage well

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• Flap valves of Karmat are innovative devices protecting rooms on the lower levels against flooding caused by backward flow of storm water and sewage. 

• Self-activating, passive defence measure. 

• Flap valves effectively protect plumbing systems from rats entering the buildings. 

• Installed at the end of sanitary sewage pipes entering collection wells, cesspits or drainage pipes leading storm water to ditches or rivers. 

• High quality polypropylene and stainless steel ending; - sun light/high temperature resistance; - immunity to aggressive chemical compounds

The Karmat 110mm Pushfit NRV is pushed 'onto' a 110mm pipe, not 'into' a 110mm Pipe unlike other 110mm NRVs, as seen in our Flood Defence Shop here  

The Karmat 110mm Pushfit NRV is pushed 'onto' a 110mm pipe, not 'into' a 110mm Pipe unlike other 110mm NRVs, as seen in our Flood Defence Shop here

This means that the 110mm pipe in your manhole chamber must be exposed & clear for the valve to push onto the pipe. If the pipe does not protrude clearly into the chamber, or where it's position is, you'll instead need an NRV which slides 'into' the 110mm pipe.

• Firstly, test for the correct pipe, by flushing the necessary toilet or water system, ensuring flow. You must not fit the NRV to an outlet pipe, else it will cause a blockage.

• Next, using gloves and the necessary PPE if the area is not clean, & push the NRV onto the pipe. The pipe will be housed within your NRV. This should be a snug fit.

• Test the water flow again but flushing the toilet, to check water and waste can still flow freely.

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