EPDM Flat Roof Installation Guides

Please see below our list for a range of guides on installing your Firestone Elevate EPDM. Mostly, installing your own flat roof is quite simple, & easily achievable for the competent DIY’er. 

If you need further advice though, please get in touch & we’ll assist where possible. Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning more, we can get you in touch with an official training course – take matters into your own hands & become a certified Firestone Elevate installer, we can also provide you with a trade rated discount on the full range of roofing products!

Disclaimer: All of our guides are advice only, even when listing original manufacturers guidelines. Responsibility lies with the person(s) installing the relative products.

Important Note: We are in the process of continually updating our installation guides

This includes the necessary images, text & links to assist you to the best of our ability.

If we are missing any key information in your dedicated section, please get in touch & a member of our

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